Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Roc d'Azur, held in Frejus, Southern France, is the traditional season's closing event, and for a good reason: race courses and an expo village right by the Mediterranean Sea, four solid days of riding and racing, 60.000 visitors and over 16.000 racers. Oh yeah, not to forget, the weather is usually great, right in time when in the rest of Europe winter is on the doorstep.


Julien Absalon never misses a Roc d'Azur, and even if this year he didn't take part in Sunday's race he was always happy to sign autographs and posters at the SRAM truck!



The world's top PROs come and go at the SRAM truck. Thank yous for a great season mix in with exciting plans for 2012, which is an Olympic year! Team Swisspower, with Nino Schurter and team manager and MTB legend Frischi, love the relaxed atmosphere of Roc!



At Roc the number plates go well into the thousands: the SRAM crew supports everyone, from number 1 to...well over 3.000!



"Son, one day you will make great MTB wheels at SRAM" - "Dad, one day you will race Roc on them". SRAM Wheels Product Manager Bastien Donze whishes good luck to his dad, ready to race!



Milatz, Fontana, Sauser, Fumic, Gujan, Schurter and many this a World Cup? Almost, except you could line up right behind these guys.



"Right behind" we said? Sure...but be ready for a LOT of dust. And we mean A LOT!



Back at the truck, wheel engineer Jesse Jakomait talks Rise wheels over breakfast.



Do good and win swag? Of course, with the SRAM Rise Wheel of Fortune. First a donation to World Bicycle Relief...



And then spin the wheel (under Pierre Edourad Ferry's watchful eye!) to win cool SRAM swag. Thanks to everyone who donated, you just bought two bikes for Africa!




SRAM's new home at Europe's biggest events: big, red and beautiful.



Having the biggest and most comfortable setup of any event doesn't mean no hard work: taking down the truck is an easy task (everything is custom made to fit perfectly inside!) but it takes a great crew to do it...and we got that!





At SRAM we love bikes, and bike components in equal measure. We love making them, as well as using them. So it is always exciting for us when we get to show the world for the first time something new, especially if, such as in this case, it something that we have been working on for well over two years. To celebrate the launch of the new SRAM Rise MTB wheels we flew a selected bunch of media people and SRAMmies to southern France, and after a few rounds of Pastis (the local aperitif) we set off to pedal on the hills along the ocean to reach Frejus, home of Roc d'Azur, one of the world's biggest MTB events. Here is what happened, as captured by the lens of Adrian Marcoux.

AM RiseLaunch 111004 202

After a long drive or a long flight, it's always good to catch up on the latest news and gossip, while preparing for an epic two days on the bike.


AM RiseLaunch 111004 246

As dusk approached, we gathered our guests to show them what RISE is all about...looks peaceful, but in that patio 2 hard years of work were culminating in front of the world!


AM RiseLaunch 111004 380

The morning before the ride, everyone was busy setting up bikes before our adventure...and admiring the sleek look of SRAM Rise 60 carbon wheels.


AM RiseLaunch 111004 370

Food, water, gels and bars aplenty!


AM RiseLaunch 111005 395

Leaving the hotel, feels a bit like SoCal? No, it was SoFra: Southern France!


AM RiseLaunch 111005 402

Our ride guide Vincent had to work hard to figure out a trail route to keep us out of wild board hunting zones...and these friendly signs courteously reminded to keep out of certain areas!


AM RiseLaunch 111005 462

The lush, unique vegetation was a welcome break from the sun. With 32 degrees during the day, and sunshine all over, many were glad to have escaped the first cold weather back at home.


AM RiseLaunch 111005 505

After a meal fit for a king, ride guide Philippe and Scott's Lionel figure out the route that would take us straight to dinner!


AM RiseLaunch 111005 605

A two day ride is not only taxing for those on the bike: the tech crew worked well into the night, under floodlights, to make sure all the bikes were fresh and ready for the following day.


AM RiseLaunch 111006 651

Morning of the second day, happy and ready!


AM RiseLaunch 111006 661

It was not all fun and games. Getting from A to B on a bike requires a lot of work. Let's say we all appreciated how light and smoothly our Rise 60 wheels rolled...


AM RiseLaunch 111006 816

Lunch stop on the beach: not far from our final destination. Can we stay a few minutes more? It's almost snowing back home!


AM RiseLaunch 111006 793

And this is it! 140km and two days deserve a dip in the Mediterranean Sea to celebrate!


AMRiseLaunch 111008 982

The new SRAM European race truck was our home during Roc d'Azur: when you are at an event with 60.000 other people, it is prime to have a nice, secure space to work on bikes, prepare for races or simply bask in the glorious sun on the upper deck. Priceless.


AMRiseLaunch 111009 930

Sunday is race day: the Roc d'Azur is a classic, point to point XC race, a 56km course with 1600m of climbing. All the top XC pros are at the start, and behind them thousands of riders. Here is the race debut of SRAM Rise 60 wheels.


AMRiseLaunch 111009 1041

And it was a successful one! All SRAMmies and editors completed the race in under four hours, good job!


AMRiseLaunch 111009 1059

Race head on?






Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rainbows in the rain in Champery

Rainbows in the rain? Right, this is what happens when you win two World Championships in the pouring rain! It was truly an amazing day in Champery, here is what went down:

Worlds2011 sun 0286

As soon as the downhill finals started, it started raining. And it kept raining, and then some more. Here a canadian junior racer is still stoked, despite being completely covered in mud. That's the spirit!

Worlds2011 sun 0290

With the rain came the good news! Here SRAM's best man in Australia, Rob Eva, wheels Troy Brosnan's World Championship winning bike back to the SRAM truck.

Worlds2011 sun 0313

While we were waiting for little Tory to show up, Jaroslav Kulhavy came by. The 2011 XC World Champion (and World Cup champion!) was stoked and thankful for his 2011 season, and so were we!

Worlds2011 sun 0341

And here is your 2011 junior downhill World Champion, Troy Brosnan!!!

Worlds2011 sun 0378

As the DH finals were underway, the crowd kept building up. Awesome to see such a huge fan turnout, even in the bad weather.

Worlds2011 sun 7150

And when we say bad, we mean BAD. This is how it looked like as the top 5 men were coming down the course. Extreme, gnarly, you name it.

Worlds2011 sun 7159

Danny Hart of Giant Factory Racing came down with three riders to go, smashing the previous leading time by 11 second. With one last guy on course, here is how nervous Danny was in the hot seat. So close...

Worlds2011 sun 7167

This is the exact moment when Danny realized he had just become the 2011 downhill World Champion. He could barely believe what was happening...

Worlds2011 sun 7220

...but this were the facts. An amazing victory, absolute domination.

Worlds2011 sun 7255

This muddy and proud gentleman is Danny's dad. He rushed over the finish area to hug his son, and this is the result. We bet he will never wash that shirt again.

Worlds2011 sun 0514

The party at the SRAM truck started right away, and when Danny showed up with his number 1 bike it became just epic: here the new World Champion poses with the SRAM crew!

Worlds2011 sun 0464

And here is Troy Brosnan with his proud parents, team manager, and the full SRAM crew!

As we wrap up this World Championships it's hard to believe how good this was...five World Champion titles, Boxxer Worlds, the new amazing race truck...this could be one of the best World Champs ever for SRAM!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jaroslav: World Champion. Need more?

Jaroslav Kulhavy is the 2011 XC World Champion. Jaroslav topped off his stellar 2011 season, where he has already won the World Cup overall (with 5 victories in 7 races), the European and Czech national championships with his win in Champery on Saturday september 3rd.

Worlds2011 sat 0229

Here is the new World Champion, with the winning bike, still muddy from the race in Champery! Notice anything unusual anywhere?

Worlds2011 sat 0230

Jaroslav tested different gear combinations throughout the week, but kept the usual 39-26 XX chainrings for the race today. The choice paid off. Avid XX World Cup brakes kept things in control, as well as his SID 29 fork. The Champery course was a true test for both riders and bikes, with everything from steep killer climbs to drops and root sections. Jaroslav rode a textbook race, edging Nino Schurter and Julien Absalon for an all-SRAM XX podium!

Worlds2011 sat 9887

There was another World Champion's title up for grabs today: the BoXXer Worlds, the legendary competition for World Cup mechanics. An incredible crowd assembled around the SRAM truck to witness some fine racing, and the usual party antics...

Worlds2011 sat 9949

Past, present, legends: Boxxer Worlds MC Greg Herbold salutes Tim Flooks and his wife Helen. Tim was the original RockShox race truck driver, and the old SRAM truck started its career with Tim. Today Tim competed in BoXXer Worlds!

Worlds2011 sat 0146

World Champs, at last: Evan Warner, SRAM race support tech, celebrates his BoXXer Worlds victory with 2011 4X champion Anneke Berteen!

Worlds2011 sat 0182

That's it for today, catch you tomorrow for more action from Champery!

Live from World Champs!

The SRAM crew is out in full force in Champery, Switzerland, for the 2011 World Championships. As we had into the final weekend, the cross country and downhill titles are up for grab, but a lot of things are already happening, let's see what was going on in the pits on saturday...

1worlds2011 sat 9689

Anneke did it! Our favourite 4X girl Anneke Berteen won her first World Championship title last friday night, and to top it all off Mikael Prokop took first in the men's final!

2worlds2011 sat 9696

The new SRAM race support truck is the talk of the pits: big, red and beautiful!

3worlds2011 sat 9722

HB shows up the truck's workshop: bigger, cleaner and better equipped than ever!

4worlds2011 sat 9726

The wrenching area of the new truck is nothing less than the interior! Only the best for the best riders in the world!

Worlds2011 sat 9668

World Championships are a crazy, action packed week, and it's all about preparation: star photographer Victor Lucas shows up his custom made map of the best spots on the XC course!



Worlds2011 sat 9677

Speaking of photographer, here is another legendary World Cup snapper: Gary "Flipper" Perkin. We hear the beard is going to come off tomorrow after downhill finals...

Worlds2011 sat 9672

Giac of Cannondale Factory Racing puts the finishing touches on Manuel Fumic's race bike. Check, double check and then check again twice. This is how the best mechanics do it.

Worlds2011 sat 9698

This is the award for the BoXXer Worlds, happening tonight at the SRAM truck!